Dungan shrine

During the tours in Kyrgyzstan, the company's clients have a great chance to explore many outstanding places in the country, rent a car and also enjoy the scenery. You will be able to explore the Dungan mosque, an object of religious significance, during the tours. You will also have the opportunity to explore its history before starting your tours. And we also invite you to explore information about the mosque.

As a result, they got a building without metal and nails. In 1877, people fled from the territory of China, as the story tells us, to the country that you are exploring today. After arriving, the people created a unified society. They then invited the architect Zhou Xia in 1907. About 20 people started to create materials and the construction of the mosque. Thanks to an unusual technology, people were able to build a mosque without a single nail and metal.

Our customers will be able to explore the mosque, learn the meaning of the colors and rent a car from our company. Our company provides the best rental cars where you will be able to select any car according to your tastes. So the red color represents protection from evil spirits, the yellow color shows wealth and also happiness represents the green color.

When there was the Soviet Union, people were not given the right to believe in God or have a religion, or to visit mosques or churches. You can also see that it all happened in the 20th century. As you know, because of the Second World War, people had great losses and then the Muslims decided to help the government and allocated a large amount of money. After that, the government allowed people to visit such facilities. In our tours in Kyrgyzstan, you can rent a car, explore the scenery, visit the city of Karakol, and the Dungan mosque.