Mother Nature

Mother nature is extremely important to be viewed here and during the tour in Kyrgyzstan there is a chance to travel and view the best sites of the country. Usually trips can be met by the guests on cars for rent, with us as professionals showing the best views. Invitees tend to come to the country as it is seen as the smallest country of Central Asia, being placed in the center of the mountains. Here at the territory everyone is able to view amazing forests, and neighbors bordering the country from the west, south, east, north.

In the course of the tour in Kyrgyzstan on cars rented, guests can face pure nature in the very heights of the mountains. It is clearly seen that about 90% of the land being in the mountains, along with the 80% being of the Tien Shan mountains. Here there are many peaks undergoing investigation by professionals. In the very heart of the mountains we can find natural resources as gold in Talas Province for example as well as Chatkal River, Makmal, and Kumtor Mine.

Moreover, nature of Kyrgyzstan can be viewed from the point of view of lakes and rivers. It is basically known that there are about 4,000 rivers and almost 2,000 lakes, along some of which we are able to have a drive in the course of the journey. Along some rivers we can do rafting.

Kyrgyzstan tours.

Nature presents us the sites showing up the beautiful localities, being the sites for photos being taken. These are the sites of breath-taking views. What can be notices here? Of course minerals, waters, gorges, hills – in other words main wealth of the country.

Before the trips to be offered, invitees are able to get in touch with natural views with the help of the article we have prepared especially for you. That is why, the State Reserve of Issyk-Kul is one of the most visited one. It is better to rent cars for the trips here. The reserve was based  here in 1948, where snow leopards, Siberian goats, Marcopolo, brown bear are met. These are the wild animals, and they are of the red book included. The reserve is about 1329 hectares of park, but 687 hectares of forests.

Along the expedition invitees are going to visit the Biosphere Reserve of Sary-Chelek, as it is based in the south of the state. It is presented to be created in 1960. The main aim was based on protection of forests and beautiful landscapes. Then we are going to view of National Park of Ala-Archa, created in 1976 high in the mountains. It is one of the most visited location in the country known to be of rich flora and fauna.

We would like to note of the National Park of Chon Kemin. It is the place which can be seen while we travel in the south of the Chon-Kemin valley, of 123 hectares. It is known to be created in 1997 by people wishing to create the best nature of forests and pristine flora and fauna life.