Perfect building Manas complex

In tours of Kyrgyzstan, guests of the country have a chance to be surprised by the beautiful views, sights and unique landscapes. Our clients will be able to enjoy historical places, and learn a lot of facts about them, for example, about the Manas complex, which is located in Talas, 22 km from the city in Tash-Aryk. For comfortable tours in Kyrgyzstan, we recommend our clients to rent a car and enjoy the scenery of the country.

On a trip to Kyrgyzstan, the company's clients will be able to explore that the other name of the complex is "Manas-Ordo" and the complex itself covers an area of about 2.25 km2. Guests of the company have the opportunity to rent a car from our company in Bishkek, enjoy the views and also take a walk around the complex, explore its territory and explore what was named after the famous hero of Kyrgyzstan Manas. In the tours, the company's tourists will find out that the gumbez was put in honor of the heroes of the country and the people.

Tourists of Kyrgyzstan have a chance to explore that in the history of Kyrgyzstan the complex begins in 1334, and there is also a legend that says that this place was for the burial of the daughter of the Emir Abuki. In our tours, you can also explore that stone statues of balbals warriors are installed around the complex for protection.