Kyrgyzstan is a rich country with interesting culture and traditions with customs. On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you have a great opportunity to explore the rituals of the country. Our guests will be able to enjoy wonderful tours of Kyrgyzstan and you will also be able to explore the article with useful information before you start your exciting tours.

Our travelers in Kyrgyzstan will be able to enjoy tours, rent a car and explore the country's rituals, customs and traditions.You will be able to feel the cultural life of the country and get acquainted with the local population. On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, you can learn that the history of rituals comes from the history of the Turkic clans. And since the Kyrgyz were nomadic, their customs and traditions were based on their way of life.

And in the tour of Kyrgyzstan you will be able to find out that the tour is based on a rented car and you will be able to find out that the rituals were based in accordance with the birth. And so you can explore that the first ritual is called suyunchu-an event when people bring good news, and after that people are waiting for gifts. Korunduk is another ritual that is based on the distribution of money, And people come to see the child.The other event is the celebration of the baby born, beishik toi. On this day, many people come and they give gifts, burn juniper and also prepare delicious food. Another event is called tushuu kesuu, and it is known that the child takes the first steps and it is celebrated. In this celebration, many close people and relatives are invited, the child's legs are tied with a rope and the older children run who is faster to untie them.

On a tour of Kyrgyzstan, customers have the chance to explore a different kind of tradition called a wedding. You can rent a car with or without a driver and enjoy the tour. In our tours, you will also learn that people tend to attach great importance to weddings and engagements. And the main goal on this day is to invite as many people as possible, but at least with financial losses. Ala kachuu is another ritual that exists in Kyrgyzstan that is prohibited. And in this ritual, the bride is kidnapped, and even sometimes unknown people. If the bride is abducted, she will not be able to leave the groom's house afterward. The nike or engagement is made later. And as you know, this is the legalization of marriage in Muslim terms. The kyz uzatuu ritual, when the bride is in the main role and then friends and relatives say goodbye to her, come and say goodbye to her. After that, there is a wedding that takes place in a restaurant with toasts and gifts. And most of the rituals of the country you will be able to explore in a rented car on tours of Kyrgyzstan.