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Dear travelers! What can be better than travelling, especially to the place, where you have never been before? Our car rent company is glad to introduce you such beautiful and wondrous land, as Central Asia. This region is able to enchant everybody, who stepped on its territory. Come here and you will immediately fall in love with it and leave your heart and soul here. The region of Central Asia is full of wonders and natural beauties. It is a great place to come and have rest from the noisiness, pollution and vanities of modern civilization. Our car rent company organizes tour into the most wondrous countries of Central Asia - the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Our auto-renting organization will do its best in order to satisfy all your needs and wishes and create all conditions of interesting and exciting travelling. You will get the best cars for rent, which will never create you any problems neither with the roads, nor with police. take our autos and you will feel the freedom of the wild steppe!

Our cars for rent will get you in any part of Central Asia, but you will start from the cities of Bishkek Almaty and Dushanbe. Bishkek is the capital and the largest and most developed city of Kyrgyzstan. It is surrounded by beautiful Ala-Too mountains. These mountains are one of the ranges of Tien Shan Mountain. Their name means 'Colorful Mountains'. Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan and till 1997 it was its capital. The city of Dushanbe is the largest city and the capital of Tajikistan. It is situated on the altitude 750-930 meters above the sea level and it is one of the capitals, situated on highest altitudes. Take our cars for rent and you will be able to drive through these and other cities of Central Asia, as Osh, Khorokh, Jalal-Abad, Astana and so on. So do not hesitate and contact our auto-renting organization right now! Our car rent company is waiting to include you into our partnership list.