Kazakhstan tours

Kazakhstan is one of the amazing destinations of Central Asia. Its territory is on the ninth place in the world by its size. The most part of it is located in Central Asia and small part in Eastern Europe. It has borders with such states as Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and opens to Caspian Sea. The terrain can be described with mostly semi-desert, but there are also other types of climatic zones such as mountains, tundra, rock canyons, steppes and others. The population of Kazakhstan reaches 16 million people. Nowadays there are more than 100 nationalities living and working in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh people are the major ethnicity and played key role in preserving the territory and establishing Kazakh statehood. They live a nomadic life for many centuries. The capital city of Kazakhstan is a young and new city of Nur-Sultan in the northern part of Kazakhstan. Not far from the capital city you can make a day tour to Borovoye national reserve. It has a beautiful nature consisting of the group of lakes and amazing mountain hills. The next important cultural and business center of Kazakhstan is Almaty city. It has lots of places to visit during your tours including parks, museums, squares and outskirts. In just 20 km distance from Almaty you can make a tour to the largest alpine ice skating rink as well as one of the largest ski resorts of Central Asia, Shymbulak. If you wish to see the lakes, there are a few of them nearby. The first one is Big Almaty lake located in the gorge of the same name. On the way you can visit a nursery of birds of prey. The other one is called Issyk lake formed due to the earthquake. There are also such popular lakes as Kolsai and Kaindy which you can visit in the southern part of Kazakhstan. Thus, we recommend you to spend your next holidays exploring Kazakhstan with our exclusive tours.

South capital tour
» South capital tour

Kazakhstan will give you a great opportunity to enjoy both modern and ancient sights. You can learn about the customs and traditions of nomads, enjoy the views of nature and the dazzling beauty of cultural masterpieces. On the tour you will visit places such as Almaty, Issyk, Big Almaty Lake. more...
Wonders of Altyn Emel
» Wonders of Altyn Emel

This tour will give you the opportunity to enjoy the charming sights of nature, learn about the culture, history, customs and traditions of Kazakhstan. You can visit places on the tour such as Almaty, Issyk, Saty, Kaindy and many other attractions. more...
Dazzling Charyn Canyon
» Dazzling Charyn Canyon

Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia. It fascinates with its views and contrasts. You can enjoy tours to the natural attractions of Kazakhstan such as the Kolsay, Kaindy and Issyk lakes, enjoy the views of the fabulous Charyn Canyon and learn a lot of interesting facts about Kazakh history. more...
Diverse Kazakhstan
» Diverse Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country with modern cities, amazing nature and well-preserved culture of steppe nomads. During this tour you will visit all interesting cites of two largest cities of the country – Nur-Sultan and Almaty. Besides that you will enjoy the beauty of places such as Borovoe Lake, Issyk Lake and Medeo Gorge. more...
Modern Kazakhstan
» Modern Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the most prosperous country in Central Asia. The cities are dynamically developing and attracts people with modern architecture. During the tour you will explore the capital city Nur-Sultan and the city of Almaty. Besides that you will discover the amazing nature of places such as Borovoe Lake or Issyk Lake. more...
Historical sites of Kazakhstan
» Historical sites of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country with rich interesting history. During this tour you will to visit the ancient sites of the largest cities of Southern Kazakhstan such as Almaty, Shymkent, and Turkestan. It will be a perfect opportunity to learn the most important facts about the past of the country. more...
Historical attractions of Kazakhstan
» Historical attractions of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country with a rich history and amazing diverse nature. The Silk Road played a big role in the development of the country and left the heritage. During the tour you will enjoy the wonderful natural attractions such as Issyk Lake and a large Aksu-Jabagly natural reserve. In addition you will visit historical and architectural monuments of cities like Almaty, Shymkent, Turkestan and Otrar. more...
Mountain nature of Kazakhstan
» Mountain nature of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a big country with different landscapes. The Southern part of the country attracts with the amazing mountain nature of Tien Shan. During the tour you will explore the city Almaty with its fascinating monuments of Soviet Time. You will also enjoy the magnificence of natural attraction such as Kaindy Lake, Kolsai Lakes and Charyn Canyon.

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