Turkmenistan tours

Turkmenistan took place in Central Asia and has a small population with the vast territory. The major part of its territory is the deserts and semi deserts. We recommend traveling to Turkmenistan in spring or autumn as the weather is mild and beautiful. While exploring its highlights you will have an excellent experience driving in the desert in 4wds and. Today Turkmenistan is opens its doors to everyone despite some reserved policy. The main touristic highlights are Asgabat, Mary, Merv, Avaza, Gonur Depe, Kunya Urgench and many others. Each of them is unique and has a long history. Ashgabat is the capital city with 90 % of marble buildings and grandiose constructions such as temples, mosques, administrative buildigs. Turkmenistan is rich in signs of history and architecture and on its territory there can be found many of the remains of ancient civilizations of Nisa, Merv and Kunya Urgench. It can also be proud of a beautiful resort city of Avaza by the beautiful shore of Caspian Sea. During your tours there is a chance to visit the famous Yangikala canyons, mysterious lake of Kow Ata and Nokhur village with unique culture of the local people. The gas crater known as the Door to Hell is the main highlight of the country where you can spend a magic night. Turkmenistan being one of the less visited countries is becoming a popular destination and has a lot to offer to its tourists. Our staff will be happy to demonstrate you the highlights of Turkmenistan with our fascinating tours.

Unique natural object
» Unique natural object

In this tour we offer you to visit the capital of Ashgabat, admire its beauty, visit the Nisa, the national Museum of Turkmenistan, explore mosques and monuments, and be impressed by waves of Awaza.

Multi-Faceted Turkmenistan
» Multi-Faceted Turkmenistan

Modern Turkmenistan is a country of a wide variety of landscapes: there are green oases and —čands, sea coast and mountain ranges. From the point of view of geography, Turkmenistan is known for its beautiful sights, the Karakum desert and certainly the Darwaza gas crater.

Unique creation of nature
» Unique creation of nature

In this tour, you will visit the magical places of Turkmenistan and get acquainted with the features and history of its origin. We offer you a city tour of Ashgabat, visit the ancient city of Nisa and go to the highlight of our trip-to the underground lake Kovata and gas crater Darwaza.

Cultural heritage
» Cultural heritage

During this tour we will explore ancient places of Turkmenistan as Mary, Damla, Nisa and learn more about Turkmen culture visiting museums. In addition this tour includes city tour and travel to the most popular place of Turkmenistan – Darwaza.

Wealth of history
» Wealth of history

Modern Turkmenistan is the territory of ancient cultural areas that were located at the intersection of the caravan roads during The Great Silk Road. A huge number of rare ancient monuments, ruins of ancient fortresses and monasteries have been preserved here.

Treasures of Turkmenistan
» Treasures of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a Central Asian country with an ancient history, cultural heritage, and nature. During the tour of Turkmenistan, you will start exploring the capital of Ashgabat, visit Darwaza, the red canyons of Yangykala, enjoy Kunya Urgench and so on. Also, the tour will be able to show you all the national features of the country and of course delicious cuisine. more...
Exploring Turkmenistan
» Exploring Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan surprises with its history, culture, customs and traditions. And it is you who will be able to see the beautiful capital of Ashgabat, famous for its white marble buildings, visit Gipchak, Old Nisa, Darwaza, Kunya Urgench and many other highlights. You will also be able to explore many details of Turkmenistan and enjoy its natural beauty! Without a doubt, start the tour right now! more...
Ancient Path tour
» Ancient Path tour

Turkmenistan is perhaps the most mysterious country in Central Asia. The country is rich in ancient history, charming sights, and cultural heritage. During the tour of Turkmenistan, you can learn a lot of interesting facts about Turkmens, visit gas crater Darwaza, explore Ashgabat and many other places of interest. more...
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