Uzbekistan travel and tour 08

Uzbekistan Tours: Tour 08
Activity: Cultural tour
Direction: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: You will arrive to Tashkent - the capital of Uzbekistan. A transfer in the hotel and location. Rest after a long flight. In the second half of the day-trip to a city: "The new Tashkent TV Tower" - the highest in the Central Asia - 375 m ", the memorial to the victims of reprisals" - a memorial and museum, "the Courage Monument" ( 1976) - epicenter Tashkent 1966th An old part of the city: an architectural complex "Hazrat-Imam". A transfer to Hotel. Then you will have breakfast and rest. In the evening you may like to take in a tasty dinner.
Day 2: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning moved to Samarkand (315 km, 5 hours) and placement in the hotel. The sightseeing tour of the city includes a visit to "the mausoleum of Gur Emir" - grave of Timur (the 14-fifteenth C), which was constructed for grandson Muhammad the Temura-Sultan and tombs of three other Timurids - sons of Temur - Miranshah and Shahrukh and his grandson Ulugbek. In the evening you may like to take in a tasty dinner. Night at the Empire Tamerlana capital.
Day 3: On this day we will visit: SIAB a market, try for the best Samarkand bread and fruit, and an excavation of the ancient city Afrosiab Museum, Mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar - Legend Associates with the Koran and the Bible prophets Danijara (Daniel), whose remains were brought here by Timur. Free time to spend a free time. In the evening you may like to take in a tasty dinner. Spend the night in one of the oldest cities in the world to be.
Day 4: This day we are transferred to Shakhrisabz - a unique monument of urban design and architecture (90 km, 1.5 hours). Shakhrisabz Tour: Ruins "Ak-shed" - the summer residence Tamerlana, the imagination of his contemporaries (the fifteenth 14-C), "Jahangir's mausoleum" have shaken - the mausoleum of senior and favorite son Tamerlana. Later on arrival in Bukhara and placement in the hotel. In the evening you may like to take in a tasty dinner. Be Overnight in Bukhara.
Day 5: On this day we will take a tour on a city: mausoleum of the Samanids - the oldest brick building in Central Asia, a masterpiece of architecture in the world (9-tenth), mausoleum Chashma Ayub that concerns estimated to "places to pursuing" the left side of the sacred (14). The legend says that once Bibles prophets Iov (Ayub) visited this place. Visiting museums Imam Al Bukhari and "a water museum." "Bolo-Houz to a mosque" - a unique monument of medieval Bukhara (early 20-C), Ark - "Give drink Kalon" the center of the rule of Bukhara (4 C BC), shops silk carpets, a complex (" Under Big "):" Kalyan Minaret "- the main symbol of sacred Bukhara, which symbolizes the power and the power of spiritual governors.
Day 6: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning tour outside the city: the Emir's summer residence "Sitora Mocha Hosa" (19), visit memorial cemeteries "choir-Bakr" (10), the Mausoleum Bahauddin Naqshbandi (16-nineteenth C ), and the graves of his mother and his teacher (14). Return to Bukhara. A free time for recreation and walks along ancient streets of Bukhara. A shelter for the night will be in a quiet and cozy hotel in Bukhara.
Day 7: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning move to Khiva through the desert Kyzyl-godfather along caravan on the road (480 km, 5-7 hours). Arrival to Khiva - only "the open-air museum" in Central Asia, which was completely, has remained until today. Accommodation in the hotel in or near "Ichang-Kala" - the historical center of Khiva, which was registered in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO. A free time. In the evening you may like to take in a tasty dinner. Be Overnight in Khiva.
Day 8: On this day we have a sightseeing tour is an architectural complex. The ensemble consists of the smallest madrassah in Khiva and the minaret of the upper deck at a height of 45 meters and is the highest point in the city. In the second half of the day, a transfer in camping Ayazkala by the pontoon bridge Amu Darya and Tuprakkala an old fortress (the two thirds century) accommodation in yurts. A walking tour atour Ayazkala 1 and 2 Ayazkala fortresses. The night is spent in the traditional style of the Silk Route century
9th Day: breakfast runs in 8 clock in the morning to learn, camels go. Tour Ayazkul lakes. Fishing, swimming and rowing. A dinner. To back in yurts. A transfer to the airport in Urgench (80 km, 1.5 hours), the evening flight HY 1058 in Tashkent at 21:10 clock. Arrival in Tashkent at 23:15 clock and placement in the hotel. Be Overnight in Tashkent.
Day 10: This day we will have a city tour of Tashkent. "Chorsu" - Eastern Market, "National park", "Abdulkasim madrassas", which is now the center of traditional arts with attractive souvenirs from local artisans (see 19 of the free time to walk around Tashkent his beautiful fields and wells in visiting museums and galleries, and the Tashkent undergtour -. one of the most beautiful in the world then transfer to the airport will be given to you.




8 - Art in the public space of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Still Uzbek decorative-applied art has Earned a good reputation. The historical conditions in Which the culture of the Uzbek people of advanced position, the givenName Particular role of applied art. Over the centuries, the public traditions were created in art and art. Decorative applied art is actually within the basic character is the close connection between the artistic and material needs. The artistic organic fusion thing Necessary for the practical purpose indivisible unit has uploaded for artistic and socially-useful functions. The works of applied art is made of The Possibility of the unity of form and design. 

The tapas

The creation of the cover was very popular with the people who inhabited this region of Uzbekistan. Typographic tablecloths, curtains, veils, scarves, high-quality fabrics for women's clothing items, different Veil (including the shell) and even funerals funeral clothes and other items and typographical metric parts are true and useful function served every day around ornament.

Are Bukhara and villages had the reputation of doing things of this nature Beautiful items were therefore made in Urgute, Shahrisabz, Samarkand, Katta-Kurgan, Fergana and Tashkent.

 The manufacture of carpets

Kovrotkachestva tradition in Uzbekistan is old. The tapestries, basic sotkannye home workers in many rural places, agree perfectly in art and design. Three general types are carpets in Uzbekistan: short giljam woolly rugs, tapestries and palahs julkhirs vorsom long.

The letter is characteristic shaggy rugs Their red-brown hue, bright harmonies clear detail of the medallions basic, Commonly appearing in geometry. 

From ancient times, the long vorsom tapestries, which he julkhirs popular in the countryside. ThisType kovrotkachestva what other peoples of Central Asia known. Currently uses the popularity behind Their decorations manufacture and conformity to modern trends in the world kovrodelija. Julkhirs are monumental composition and simplicity of construction, and in color.